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Directed by Dom Portalla
Produced by Dom Portalla, Ken Flott
Years after being unable to cope with his little brother's abduction, a man seeks resolution having now learned the truth.
Drama, 32 min, Massachusetts, USA

Passages - A Short Film
Directed by Neysan Sobhani
Produced by Neysan Sobhani
"Passages" follows two consecutive days in the life of a young child who is experiencing inner turmoil as he tries to cope not only with a recent major life event but also with an ongoing daily personal struggle. Powerfully presented with an original score in a modern silent film format, we encounter the conflicts, both within and without, that the sole character is faced with.
Experimental, 7 mins, Bermuda

Directed by Mark Roush
Produced by Mark Roush, Christian Purdie, Sean Morelli
During the turn of the nineteenth century, in a tiny town nestled somewhere in the Netherlands, a husband and wife had traded their souls to a demon in exchange for a recipe that would teach them how to make the most delicious chocolate in the world.
Fantasy, 9 mins, Oregon, USA

Directed by Mitra Shahidi
Produced by Mitra Shahidi
Prelude is a whimsical story of a creative little girl and her scientist grandfather. A series of happy accidents cause the relationship between these two get stronger.
Animated, 6 min, California, USA

Directed by Bratila Loredana
Produced by Bratila Loredana
The experimental film "Raw" is designed as a self portrait using visual language to illustrate the creation process from the beginning, as primordial water, to the final and defined form of an artistic product. By using Sound and Video Editing one creates a series of tensions which never rich a climax and the final shoot completes the cyclic concept of the film.
Drama, 7 mins, Prahova, Romania

Rue du Nord
Directed by Vincent Capes
Produced by Vincent Capes
This movie follows the tenth and last "Festival Rue du Nord" in Lausanne about experimental and improvised music.
Documentary, 58 min, Nimes, France

Directed by Lori Ravensborg
Produced by Andrew Neil McKenzie
Jackie Turner returns to her small town and her first love, Scott Cooper, after becoming engaged to another man.
Drama, 17 mins, Alberta, Canada

Directed by Caila Pickett
Produced by Caila Pickett
In "Seawolf," Alison experiences loneliness, joy and fear as she travels to different worlds through magical boxes. This film has been influenced by the works of artist Joseph Cornell.
Fantasy, 5 mins, USA

Directed by Maximilien Proctor
Produced by Maximilien Proctor
Sometimes a reflection refers to what we see in a mirror. Yet to reflect on something means to mull it over. This is a film about combining both and then some.
Experimental, 3 mins, Oklahoma,USA

Sophie's Fortune
Directed by Chris Cronin
Produced by Philip Meachem
Brendan gets involved in a "Fathers only" treasure hunt for the sake of his 7 year old niece Sophie. But what Brendan begins to realise is that the parents imagination may have gotten the better of them and it might not be so easy bringing home Sophie's Fortune.
Action Adventure, 30 min, Bolton, United Kingdom

Directed by Victoria Garza
Produced by Victoria Garza
Stalking.TV is an interactive short film that uses trans-media narrative to tell the story of what happens if you put together 4 friends with their cellphones, while drinking mezcal mixed with painkillers when they leave their facebook accounts open. This story is told through facebook, You-Tube videos, twitter, banners advertising, tests and 4 videos, played in a parallel loop and, pretending to be a live camera streaming website. Each viewer's experience will be different according to the information that they access, allowing each person to have their own version of the story.
Experimental, 23 min, Benito Juarez, Mexico

Stop Traffick
Directed by Wes Halula
Produced by Wes Halula, Chris Roberts, Ron Allchin
A simple Midwestern mom scours Las Vegas looking for her young daughter (Lauren Sweetser, WINTERS BONE) and some guy named "Kyle". When she coaxes an irritated bar owner (Stephen Baldwin, USUAL SUSPECTS) into helping, they discover the girl has to get out of Vegas now or risk being lost forever.
Drama, 14 mins, California, USA

The Caramel Corn Riot
Directed by Guang Cheng Shie
Produced by Yi Chern Ho
This city is getting worst and worst when three different personalities encountering in divergent spaces: the junior assistant brutally instructed by the senior cameraman, the real estate agency girl suffered cases of aborted sales, and the abandoned workers are blocking train tracks to resist......
Experimental, 20 mins, Taiwan

The Perfect Drug
Directed by Artem Makarevich
Produced by Artem Makarevich
A young man lives his life online. Internet becomes his only friend, his only passion. When one day all possible Internet connections are lost, and he can't solve the problem, he starts to feel real pain. He's addicted, and there's only one way to get freedom - start live real life.
Drama, 4 min, Moscow, Russian Federation

The Phoenix Project
Directed by Jonathan Bowen
Produced by Jonathan Bowen, Michael Woxland, Sean Brown
A wealthy investor teams with a brilliant scientist to find a cure for human aging, but opposing forces work to stop the progress and sabotage the research.
Science Fiction, 15 mins, Oregon, USA

The Red Dream
Directed by Ramazan Nanayev, Francisco Sebastian Muņoz
Produced by Ramazan Nanayev, Francisco Sebastian Muņoz
A man struggles to find meaning as he roams a post-apocalyptic landscape and encounters the deadly surviving remnants of a military government experiment.
Experimental, 20 mins, New Jersey, USA

The Story of M
Directed by Anna Arlanova
Produced by Anna Arlanova
She smiles like Marilyn, she walks like Marilyn, she even dresses like Marilyn... A chance encounter at a second hand store - and the world of dreams is crushed by reality...
Drama, 23 mins, Russian Federation

The Story Pouch: A Journey Remembered
Directed by Todd Kesterson
Produced by Todd Kesterson
The Story Pouch is a 3D computer animated short film about a man alone, unable to expressive himself creatively. This begins to change as he is pulled into a space of dreams and memories. Through this journey he remembers what it is like to live the dance and is at last able to tap into his own creativity.
Animated, 5 mins, Oregon, USA

Directed by Nathalie Cools
Produced by Nathalie Cools
The film shows a number of important steps that a trans man goes through during his transition in the University Hospital in Ghent in Belgium. The trans men are shown anonymously as they find themselves at different stages of their transition. One trans boy and some doctors explain the process of a transition from woman to man.
Documentary, 43 mins, Belgium

Two Persons Max
Directed by Tim Kent
Produced by Tim Kent, Danny Rogers
Jemma has finished another hard day at work. Holding a bunch of work files and looking exhausted she enters the lift and probably, it's the first time in her life she really wished she had taken the stairs. This is a story based on possibilities and cliches, coloured by unpredictable quirky twists. It is a psychological drama set in a claustrophobic place, which follows the popular rules of the cat and mouse game, without defining the identity of the players.
Thriller, 10 min, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Une balade ā la mer
Directed by Damien Stein
Produced by Damien Stein
A ride towards the sea is the odyssey of a small animated character who decides to go out to face the city and the nature to free his goldfish. But the cadence of his own will reserve for him numerous surprises: every person, every element of the city which he will cross could be violent to him.
Animated, 3 mins, Rennes, France

Who is Chang'e - Lady on the moon
Directed by Patricia Li
Produced by Patricia Li
According to the Chinese legend, Chang'e is over 2,000 years old because she had accidentally taken a pill which made her immortal. The concept of this movie is to bring Chang'e, as the 1st lady ever lived on the moon from the East, and Jack Hillman, the First American Astronaut landed on the Moon from the West together an ultimate encounter when East meets the West. And the screenplay is based on the romance between a Chinese legendary immortal woman on the moon and an American astronaut during his lunar mission...and a research assignment on how Jack Hillman, an American astronaut, saved the world in the 60s, Paul Liu, a news reporter, with the help of Joey Hillman, Jack's niece, discovered an untold love story behind this heroic act.
Science Fiction, 29 mins, USA








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