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A Bottle's Odyssey
Directed by Nik Kleverov
Produced by Nik Kleverov
A Plastic Bottle goes on an epic odyssey to find its way back to its owner.
Experimental, 1 min, USA

A Day
Directed by Jaebin Han
Produced by Philjin Oh
A grandmother who travels through 90 years of her lifetime in one day. She meets a series of herself in the past and finally runs into the moment when she met her husband for the first time. She bought some tangerines there and took a burden and grudge off her mind to the sky, on the way back to the present. Because it's special day, today. The last day of her husband.
Drama, 26 mins, South Korea

A Story of Mr. Triangle Head
Directed by Tuo Li
Produced by Tuo Li
Smart yet stupid, dynamic yet mischievous, happy yet desperate, Mr. Triangle head is an interesting animated character, but he could also be you, or me, or anybody around us. He has a strong attitude about his life, that may help him, and may destroy him. What's going to show in this animation, is just his fantastic life within 3 minutes!
Animation, 3 min, Singapore

A Tide of Grief
Directed by Sofia de Fay
Produced by May Samaan
A modern day parable of hope. An Indian man, Karibeeran and his wife, Choodamani, lose everything they love in the Boxing Day Tsunami as it crashes into Nagapattinam, but find the courage to go on and create something of value when a miracle touches their lives.
Documentary, 14 mins, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

And Great Showers of Tears Came Down (War & Society)
Directed by Dalton Narine
Produced by Dalton Narine
A Marine goes to war a pragmatic hawk and returns home a dove carrying an olive branch. The film underscores themes about spirituality, suffering and fate, as the Marine's tough slog in Vietnam attests to horrific experiences, including the annihilation of his company. In today's vaunted technology we've made remarkable advances, especially in the workplace. In a sense, we've abandoned the plow yet still rely on old tools to settle fundamental human activity.
Documentary, 31 mins, Florida, USA

Ash for Rayella
Directed by Steven Wingate
Produced by Steven Wingate
South Dakotan Garrett Brocker was once engaged to Rayella Foreman, whose brother Austin was his best friend. Now they engagement is broken and Austin is dead by suicide. Can this series of video letters Garrett makes while spreading his friend's ashes help him win Rayella back?
Experimental, 10 mins, South Dakota, USA

Directed by Mariana Youssef
Produced by Mariana Youssef
The notice of an old friend that is just about to die brings Amar back to India 40 years after he left, in order to deliver a mysterious box.
Drama, 24 mins, São Paulo, Brazil

Bird of the Soul
Directed by Eun jung Sin
Produced by Jee Hong Woo
Here is an adult fable for all who have come through difficult times that distanced them from their soul. It is a video for those who believe there is more to life than just surviving day-by-day. Bird of the Soul speaks to the people who want to fill a void they sense in their life as if something real is missing or as if there is a hole in our soul.
Animated, 20 min, South Korea

Butterfly Fluttering
Directed by Roman Kayumov
Produced by Roman Kayumov
She is a modern girl, young, beautiful, and she tries to follow their own instincts. She is searching for someone to love and real feelings. Perhaps she just wants to feel alive.
Drama, 24 mins, Moscow, Russian Federation

Directed by Gianina Ferreyra
Produced by Gianina Ferreyra
"CURLY" follows Gustavo "CURLY" Fernandez as he flourishes within this free art program and delves into the roots of the Chouinard Foundation, their inspiration and history.
Documentary, 50 mins, California, USA

Dasha Hara
Directed by Bryn Oh
Produced by Bryn Oh
A girl, scissors, and a simulacrum.
Experimental, 5 mins, United Kingdom

Deadly Moments
Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano
Produced by Dianne Sangiuliano
A short Psychological thriller. A man believes he murdered his wife and suspected lover in a jealous rage -- then discovers the real truth -- or maybe not?
Thriller, 14 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

Directed by Manuel Alvarez Diestro
Produced by Manuel Alvarez Diestro
Hong Kong is one of the densest cities in the world. As there is no much space available, new towns are adjacent to the cemeteries. These days in Hong Kong the world of the living co-exists with the one of the dead. Meanwhile, Hong Kong inhabitants move from place to place. They are waiting for a final displacement.
Experimental, 9 mins, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Directed by James Dobbins - Jones
Produced by James Dobbins - Jones
A teenage boy becomes nostalgic over his ex-girlfriend by coming across her over the Internet, finding a love letter and also camera footage of themselves together. He takes narcotics to escape from reality and has a symbolic lucid dream.
Experimental, 19 mins, New South Wales, Australia

ETO 1953
Directed by Matt Mirams
Produced by Matt Mirams
Congratulations, you have landed. ETO 1953 is a faux found footage educational film commissioned by the US Government. Hosted by the charmingly incompetent Dr. Sherman Malloy and his team of scientists, the film is an entertaining extra-terrestrial orientation film. Welcome to Earth!
Science Fiction, 8 min, Victoria, Australia

Directed by Danielle Zorbas
Produced by Danielle Zorbas
FEED gleans from the mind's plastic loop self-in-flux; the experience of "context collapse". FEED plays travel as trip, tourism as capital.
Experimental, 8 mins, Australia

Final Traces of the Abstract Expressionists
Directed by Caro Jost
Produced by Caro Jost
Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Peggy Guggenheim et.al.,: what is left of their former studios, galleries, bars, meetings places in New York City today? Filmmaker Caro Jost (a famous artist herself) follows in the footsteps of these artists of an era. In a mixture of walk and detective hunt, she shows what has now become of these once important places, where art history was made and the Abstract Expressionism arised after WW II in NYC.
Documentary, 45 min, Munich, Germany

For A Reason
Directed by Katherine Jacobs
Produced by Katherine Jacobs
For A Reason.
Drama, 10 mins, USA

Directed by Erin Fowler, Nick Graalman
Produced by Nick Graalman, Erin Fowler
Gaia (Mother Earth) is struggling for survival in an increasingly degraded and urbanised planet. Through the language of dance, Gaia tells a universal story relevant to everyone that inhabits the earth.
Drama, 15 min, South Australia, Australia

Directed by Nicholas J. DeMicco
Produced by Omar Portilla
Kurt steals the cars, and Larry, a shady chop-shop owner, sells them. But, Kurt's life soon becomes complicated by offbeat romance and professional competition.
Drama, 23 min, New Jersey, USA

Halib El Nawar - Holyoud
Directed by Karim Khneisser
Produced by Karim Khneisser, Nathalie Rizk
In a country plagued with racism, sexism, fanaticism, tribal conflicts, a young Lebanese nomad "girl", fed up with the chaos she lives in, wants to be a Star.
Action Adventure, 9 mins, Beirut, Lebanon

Heartbeats for Conjunction
Directed by Jeremy Johnston
Produced by Jeremy Johnston
A love letter, the film follows two Christian Scientist filmmakers, one living, one dead, who meet at a summer camp, but twenty years apart.
Experimental, 23 mins, Maryland, USA

Hello, Goodbye
Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano
Produced by Jerry Sangiuliano
Experimental 7.5 minutes consisting of a cast of thousands of talking heads in different languages and emotions (laughing, crying, arguing) merging abstractly into one universal head, evoking the fleeting oneness of humanity.
Experimental, 8 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

I Need My Monster
Directed by Stephen Baker, Howard Cook
Produced by Howard Cook
When Ethan checks under the bed for his monster, he finds a note instead: "Gone fishing. Back in a week. - Gabe". What will Ethan do? He needs a monster under his bed.
Animated, 11 min, Colorado, USA

Inside Ruffus
Directed by José Rosales
Produced by Ryan Nesbitt
A puppeteer explains his outer body experience when dealing with his favourite puppet.
Documentary, 4 mins, Ontario, Canada

Life and Perception
Directed by Andre Stamatakakos
Produced by Andre Stamatakakos
A veteran scientist delves deep into his research, becoming more and more obsessed with his work. He lies on the border of breakthrough and insanity, but to which side will his future fall.
Science Fiction, 15 mins, Victoria, Australia

Light Divides the Square
Directed by Kimberly Burleigh
Produced by Kimberly Burleigh
This work follows in the tradition of experimental cinema and abstract animation. It features "rippling caustics," or refracted light patterns, cast by a virtual fluid body created in a 3D animation program. To create the light compositions I used the organizing forces of a square format for the fluid body and invisible shape-shifting objects to perturb the fluid surface and initiate the ripples. The images in this animation are not achievable in reality.
Experimental, 5 min, Ohio, USA

LightSpin documentary
Directed by Eric Paré
Produced by Eric Paré
LightSpin is an experimental photography and art project that finds its source in a unique light painting technique. Performers are improving contemporary dance movements at the center of a ring on which 24 cameras are mounted. Their brief dances are carried out in pitch darkness, light being aimed at the subjects as to reveal their shapes and movements, thus capturing their passage in a defined space.
Documentary, 8 mins, Quebec, Canada

Directed by Dago Schelin
Produced by Dago Schelin
Thomas is lying on the street having been hit by a car. "How did I get into this mess? It all started... the day I was born." Thomas' life-story is told by metaphorical images as he searches for love and meaning.
Drama, 7 mins, Hessen, Germany

Directed by Rodolfo Peyrano
Produced by Rodolfo Peyrano, Daniel Houirhan
Machination is a short love story told in an experimental format in that it's different and not as open for interpretation.
Experimental, 3 mins, New York, USA

Mary Frank: Portraits
Directed by DeeDee Halleck
Produced by DeeDee Halleck
Mary Frank, who lives in Woodstock, NY and Manhattan, speaks about the human face and the challenges of drawing and painting it. She discusses the face of Sviatoslav Richter, Joe Chaiken and Leo Treitler, as well as hitchhikers and models that she has coaxed to her studio. She discusses the work of Goya and Velasquez. Music by Leo Treitler.
Documentary, 10 mins, New York, USA

Mind of Mercer
Directed by Andie Bottrell
Produced by Andie Bottrell
An award winning writer suffers a psychotic break and loses control of his characters.
Experimental, 12 mins, Missouri, USA

Directed by Andy Fortenbacher
Produced by Maddie Shapiro
Drama, 23 mins, New York, USA








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