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A Bottle's Odyssey
Directed by Nik Kleverov
Produced by Nik Kleverov

A Day
Directed by Jaebin Han
Produced by Philjin Oh

A Killer of Men
Directed by Gregg Meller
Produced by Gregg Meller, Josh Mendoza, Stephen Parsey

A Story of Mr. Triangle Head
Directed by Tuo Li
Produced by Tuo Li

A Tide of Grief
Directed by Sofia de Fay
Produced by May Samaan

And Great Showers of Tears Came Down
Directed by Dalton Narine
Produced by Dalton Narine

Ash for Rayella
Directed by Steven Wingate
Produced by Steven Wingate

Directed by Mariana Youssef
Produced by Mariana Youssef

Bird of the Soul
Directed by Eun jung Sin
Produced by Jee Hong Woo

Blood Oath
Directed by Jace Oppie
Produced by Paul DeNigris

Boarding House
Directed by Walter Charles Gorey
Produced by Sara Caldwell, Katherine Bulovic

Bodies in Motion: "Blue Matter"
Directed by Davis Northern
Produced by Davis Northern

Butterfly Fluttering
Directed by Roman Kayumov
Produced by Roman Kayumov

Directed by Gianina Ferreyra
Produced by Gianina Ferreyra

Directed by Alexey Sparrow
Produced by Tanya Shell

Dasha Hara
Directed by Bryn Oh
Produced by Adam Williams

Deadly Moments
Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano
Produced by Jerry Sangiuliano

Directed by Yunus Shahul
Produced by Yunus Shahul

Dirty Bill Of Health
Directed by Rob Carpenter
Produced by Cynthia Potvin, Vince D'Amato

Directed by Pesch Olivier
Produced by Anne Schroeder

Directed by James Dobbins-Jones
Produced by James Dobbins-Jones

Enchanted Forrest
Directed by Joyce Storey
Produced by Joyce Storey

ETO 1953
Directed by Matt Mirams
Produced by Matt Mirams

Directed by Danielle Zorbas
Produced by Danielle Zorbas

Final Traces of the Abstract Expressionists
Directed by Caro Jost
Produced by Caro Jost

For A Reason
Directed by Katherine Jacobs
Produced by Katherine Jacobs

Directed by Charles Quinn Frutos
Produced by Charles Quinn Frutos

Directed by Nicholas J. DeMicco
Produced by Nicholas J. DeMicco, Omar Portilla

Halib El Nawar - Holyoud
Directed by Karim Khneisser
Produced by Karim Khneisser, Nathalie Rizk

heartbeats for conjunction
Directed by Jeremy Johnston
Produced by Jeremy Johnston

Hello, Goodbye
Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano
Produced by Jerry Sangiuliano

I Need My Monster
Directed by Stephen Baker, Howard Cook
Produced by Howard Cook

Inside Ruffus
Directed by José Rosales
Produced by Ryan Nesbitt

Directed by Alexander Bishop, Ryan Armistead
Produced by Alexander Bishop, Kwaku El, Michael Pham

Life and Perception
Directed by Andre Stamatakakos
Produced by Andre Stamatakakos

Light Divides the Square
Directed by Kimberly Burleigh
Produced by Kimberly Burleigh

Directed by Eric Paré
Produced by Eric Paré

Directed by Dago Schelin
Produced by Dago Schelin

Directed by Rodolfo Peyrano
Produced by Rodolfo Peyrano, Daniel Houirhan

Mare's Nest
Directed by Fred L'Epée
Produced by Fred L'Epée

Mary Frank: Portraits
Directed by DeeDee Halleck
Produced by DeeDee Halleck

Directed by John Grey
Produced by John Grey

Mind of Mercer
Directed by Andie Bottrell
Produced by Andie Bottrell

Monster Mash
Directed by Bruce Bracken
Produced by Bruce Bracken

Directed by Dom Portalla
Produced by Dom Portalla, Ken Flott

Directed by Martell Harding
Produced by Martell Harding

Passages - A Short Film
Directed by Neysan Sobhani
Produced by Neysan Sobhani

Directed by Charlie Reeves
Produced by Charlie Reeves

Directed by Mark Roush
Produced by Mark Roush, Christian Purdie, Sean Morelli

Pizza Me Mafia
Directed by Gui Pereira
Produced by Tom Cavalcante

Directed by Mitra Shahidi
Produced by Mitra Shahidi

Directed by Lorenzo Olson
Produced by Lorenzo Olson

Directed by Bratila Loredana
Produced by Bratila Loredana

Rice, Beans and Lasagne
Directed by Paulo Vidiz
Produced by Pedro Martinho

Rosa Ventorum
Directed by Galina Likosova, Hernán Humberto Restrepo
Produced by Galina Likosova, Hernán Humberto Restrepo

Rue du Nord
Directed by Vincent Capes
Produced by Vincent Capes

Directed by Lori Ravensborg
Produced by Andrew Neil McKenzie

Directed by Caila Pickett
Produced by Caila Pickett

Directed by Maximilien Proctor
Produced by Maximilien Proctor

September Sketch Book
Directed by Ronnie Cramer
Produced by Ronnie Cramer

Small Town, USA: Andrews, NC
Directed by Johnathon Proctor
Produced by Derrick Williams, Simeon Moore

Sophie's Fortune
Directed by Chris Cronin
Produced by Philip Meachem

Directed by Victoria Garza
Produced by Victoria Garza

Stop Traffick
Directed by Wes Halula
Produced by Wes Halula, Chris Roberts, Ron Allchin

Directed by Riccardo Di Gerlando
Produced by Riccardo Di Gerlando, Associazione Sanremo Cinema

The Caramel Corn Riot
Directed by Guang Cheng Shie
Produced by Yi Chern Ho

The Hurting Strings
Directed by Peter Lamont
Produced by Jacinta Cashen, Peter Lamont

The Only Man
Directed by Jos Man
Produced by Ricard Mamblona, Proddigi Films S.L.

The perfect drug
Directed by Artem Makarevich
Produced by Artem Makarevich

The Phoenix Project
Directed by Jonathan Bowen
Produced by Jonathan Bowen, Michael Woxland, Sean Brown

The Red Dream
Directed by Ramazan Nanayev, Francisco Sebastian Muñoz
Produced by Ramazan Nanayev, Francisco Sebastian Muñoz

The Story of M
Directed by Anna Arlanova
Produced by Anna Arlanova

The Story Pouch: A Journey Remembered
Directed by Todd Kesterson
Produced by Todd Kesterson

The Third Sister
Directed by Augusto Giachino
Produced by Augusto Giachino

The Venom Trail
Directed by Steve Spence
Produced by Steve Spence

Trans: a documentary about transboys
Directed by Nathalie Cools
Produced by Nathalie Cools

Directed by Takeshi Inamura
Produced by Takeshi Inamura

Two Persons Max
Directed by Tim Kent
Produced by Tim Kent

Une balade à la mer
Directed by Damien Stein
Produced by Damien Stein

Directed by Robin Phillips
Produced by Shyam Sundar Sengupta

Who is Chang'e - A Lady on the moon
Directed by Patricia Li
Produced by Patricia Li

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