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2015 Official Film Selections

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Selected Films
3 Pints
Directed by Richard Anthony Dunford
Produced by Richard Anthony Dunford

A Daring Journey: From Immigration to Education
Directed by Dorothy Fadiman
Produced by Dorothy Fadiman, Owen Tomlins

Beast Bits
Directed by Josh Shaffer
Produced by Josh Shaffer

Directed by Tony Lawrence
Produced by Tony Lawrence

Directed by Alex Torres
Produced by Alex Torres

Era of Man
Directed by Matt Mirams
Produced by Matt Mirams

Feminist Fashion Show
Directed by Maria Galindo
Produced by Maria Galindo

Hadir and the Deep
Directed by Jonathan Zsofi-Guy
Produced by Peter Vullinovich, Hatem Taha, Aaron Lopez

Directed by Katherine Sainte Marie
Produced by Katherine Sainte Marie

I Am Elizabeth
Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano
Produced by Jerry Sangiuliano

In Continuum
Directed by Shana Vassilieva
Produced by Shana Vassilieva, Kristina Vassilieva

John Orpheus is Dead
Directed by Gada Jane
Produced by Mathew McNeeley, Kirsten Robinson, Gada Jane

Directed by Chris Schramm
Produced by Chris Schramm, Kalee Marshall

Les Limites
Directed by Laura Presgurvic
Produced by Alain Grandgerard

Lo irremediable y el mar
(The inevitable and the sea)
Directed by Julio Suárez
Produced by La Guerrilla Comunicacional

Near Perfection
Directed by Mark C. Pollock
Produced by Sarah Hatton

Night Ship Doc
Directed by Mox Mäkelä
Produced by Mox Mäkelä

Directed by Stephanie Maxwell
Produced by Stephanie Maxwell

On Making
Directed by Patrick Moser
Produced by Patrick Moser

Opus 13 - Palach
Directed by Otakar Dusek
Produced by Otakar Dusek

Prelude to Axanar
Directed by Christian Gossett
Produced by Alec Peters

Rabeaan Mar Min Huna
(A Spring Has Passed By)
Directed by Eva Daoud
Produced by Eva Daoud

Scissor Man
Directed by Sara Caldwell
Produced by Katherine Bulovic, Walter Gorey, Sara Caldwell

Directed by Sophie Chamoux
Produced by Sophie Chamoux

Stream - Explore The Unseen
Directed by Roman De Giuli
Produced by Roman De Giuli

Directed by Javier Arcelus Cano
Produced by Javier Arcelus Cano

Switch Man
Directed by Hsun-Chun Chuang, Shao-Kuei Tong
Produced by Hsun-Chun Chuang

The Comfort Zone
Directed by Pinel Philippe
Produced by Pinel Philippe

The Emotional Dimensions of the James River
Directed by Michelle Marquez
Produced by Michelle Marquez

The Endless Mission to Mars
Directed by Amit Trapoznik, Eyal Aviv
Produced by Dana Baruch
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