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And Great Showers of Tears Came Down

Directed by Dalton Narine
Produced by Dalton Narine

A Marine goes to war a pragmatic hawk and returns home a dove carrying an olive branch. The film underscores themes about spirituality, suffering and fate, as the Marine's tough slog in Vietnam attests to horrific experiences, including the annihilation of his company.
Documentary, 30 mins, Florida, USA

Boarding House

Directed by Walter Charles Gorey
Produced by Sara Caldwell, Katherine Bulovic

Boarding House is a chilling tale about a pregnant young woman from the 1930's who seeks refuge in a remote boarding house. She thinks she's safe until the inhabitants and events become increasingly bizarre, transcending reality and time, and putting her unborn child in danger.
Horror, 23 mins, California, USA

Bodies IN Motion: "Blue Matter"

Directed by Davis Northern
Produced by Davis Northern

Blue Matter is part of a series that explores the human body in motion. A discovery of the human form and it's seamless elegance through time and space. This piece combines constant motion captured through ramped camera speeds. The effect results in a beautiful abstract image created by the human form, captured throughout the time and space in which we exist.
Experimental, 3 mins, New York, USA


Directed by Alex Sparrow
Produced by Alex Sparrow, Tanya Shell

Each person once in his life wonders what is better...to live with the past where one was happy, or with the present where nothing of what you loved is left. The life of our hero is personification of well-being and successes. Beautiful house, great job, beautiful life and beloved daughter. But all these for a long time exist only in his imagination. The happened tragedy has turned his reality into a permanently repeated dream, the end of which he can't change. His life stopped in the point where he was really happy. In the point when life still had sense. And if love is the allowable edge of madness, won't it be safer to be a happy madman, than to accept that the one you love doesn't exist any more?
Drama, 17 mins, California, USA


Directed by Nicholas J. DeMicco
Produced by Nicholas J. DeMicco, Omar Portilla

Kurt steals the cars, and Larry, a shady chop-shop owner, sells them. But, Kurt's life soon becomes complicated by offbeat romance and professional competition.
Drama, 23 mins, New Jersey, USA

Pizza Me Mafia

Directed by Gui Pereira
Produced by Tom Cavalcante

Pizza Me, Mafia revolves around a Mafia family running a fake pizzeria business whose prodigal son, Joe Calzone, falls in love with the chief of police's daughter.
Action Adventure, 32 mins, California, USA


Directed by Lorenzo Olson
Produced by Lorenzo Olson

In a fictional crime-ridden city a mystical overseer emerges and decides to take matters into his own hands. Protector takes you into the mind of a unique vigilante with a powerful ability, which he utilizes to thwart violent crimes before they occur. An ethical dilemma is now at the center of this community. Should they allow this brazen individual to continue on his crusade? Or, should they take any measure to stop this reckless vigilante?
Science Fiction, 11 mins, USA

Small Town, USA: Andrews, NC

Directed by Johnathon Proctor
Produced by Derrick Williams, Simeon Moore

SMALL TOWN, USA takes the viewer on a road trip to see the hidden gems of our country. This documentary stops in Andrews, North Carolina and the surrounding area, and shows the unique events, area attractions and activities, regional historical significance, and the local personalities who make this small town exciting for the visitor and resident alike.
Documentary, 51 mins, New Jersey, USA

Who is Chang'e? A Lady on the Moon

Directed by Patricia Li
Produced by Patricia Li

The movie is about how a Chinese Legendary immortal woman named Chang'e encountered with an American Astronaut, Jack Hillman, during his lunar mission. Through a research assignment on how Jack Hillman the astronaut, saved the world in the 60's, Paul Liu, a news reporter, with the help of Joey Hillman, Jack's niece, discovered an untold love story behind it.
Science Fiction, 29 mins, USA








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